Benefit of running ads on India Vigyapan

India Vigyapan Advertising Network provides a robust set of tools for uploading artwork, managing accounts, pulling reports and adjusting budgets.

Cost to use India Vigyapan

There is NO MEMBERSHIP FEE. You only pay for Ad Views. Ad Views are defined as when a online user sees/views your ad on one of our Publisher's website.

3. How do I signup for India Vigyapan

Simply fill out our one-page application and approval will be made in less than 24 hours.

General Questions

Please consider the India Vigyapan Advertising Network if you:
  1. Need an advertising solution that is fast, reliable, easy and transparent.
  2. Want to start running ads quickly with limited obstacles and trafficking steps.
  3. Need/Want to track ad performance in real-time and make adjustments for improvement.
  4. Want more and better control over your budget. India Vigyapan Advertising Network is a pay-for-what-you-get program. If your ads don't show, you aren't using your credits.

AdEngage allows many different types of ad formats, including:

  • Text ads
  • Banner ads
  • PhoText (ads that display both text and images)
  • Mobile ads
  • Rich media advertisements

Yes, primarily because you’re paying for access to very specific targeted traffic. India Vigyapan lets you filter through 53 targeting variables to ensure your CPC ad campaigns reach its intended audience. Paying high CPC rates gets you top priority for your target traffic.

The placement of ads on your website is very important for generating clicks and attracting advertisers. Placing ads within the online visitor’s visual focus is an integral part of receiving clicks.

No. This is strictly against our Terms & Conditions that you agree to upon signing up with India Vigyapan. Sites found using this will be banned and earnings will be Forfeited.

India Vigyapan pays on a Net 30 payment cycle. Under this system, publishers will receive their payment one month after their earnings have occurred.

For example, a publisher earns $1000 in May. His payment will be processed one month after May, on or around July 1st. There are roughly 30 days between when earnings have closed for a month and when a payment is issued.

Payments method:
  • Paypal
  • Wire Transfer

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